The Greatest Invention in the History of Music

July 2, 2008


Tired of not being able to get your party on while you bang out some of your favorite classic power riffs the basement? Mike Edison, former High Times editor, may have the answer. Mike has found an ax hack that'll literally make you hack.

Mike Edison's ChroniCaster is a guitar created by Tommy Chong that also functions as a big ass bong. Built by Chong for an aborted High Times film, it is reportedly the only one of its kind on the planet. The Reverend Guitars-built ChroniCaster has some hot P-90 pickups, locking tuners and a special mold that helps keep the guitar safe from marijuana resin. The guitar also has a bulletproof plexiglass body/chamber. Hot damn.

All of these things are very nice, but does it work?