Michael Jackson is on a Hunger Strike

June 4, 2009

Michael Jackson is reportedly on hunger strike in a bid to kick skin cancer’s ass.

Jackson, who is said to now weigh less than 126 pounds, has repeatedly denied that he is suffering from the disease. However, The Sun now suggests he is cutting back his food consumption because he fears that putting on weight could prevent his chances of beating the disease.
A source told the tabloid that “Michael has a phobia about getting fat" and that "he doesn’t want to put on any weight at all." The source also stated: "He is insistent that he’ll only eat one meal a day and is adamant that’s enough food for him. He’s very thin and frail."
A spokesperson for Michael has constantly denied that Jackson is suffering from cancer despite the fact that The Sun claimed he was diagnosed with the disease last month.
Rumors of his bad health have also been fueled by the fact that Jackson has been recently spotted leaving an L.A. medical clinic on numerous occasions.

Source: CO/Getty Image