Motha*$%#s Ain't Got Nothing on Obama

February 6, 2009

Barack Obama narrated his audio book Dreams of our Fathers, and a few delicious snippets of it have been leaked online.  Obama’s presidency, so far, has been so much more hilarious and awesome than any of us could’ve hoped.  From his adorable fumbling of his inauguration to his endearing naivete regarding Jessica Simpson’s dangerous curves, he’s the most empathetic president in some time.  Hit the jump to hear him say “You know that guy ain’t sh*t. Sorry-*ss motherf****r ain’t got nothing on me.”

The Boston Phoenix, bunch of geniuses that they are, has the whole story here. So sit back and listen to the leader of the free world sling profanity at ya.

Source: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images News/Getty Images