Mantenna - Friday, December 17

December 17, 2010

Racy Demi Lovato pics hit the web, Captain Beefheart dies, and Yao Ming secures great courtside seats for rest of season...the Mantenna is gettin' too old for this s**t!
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Racy Demi Lovato Pics Hit the Web

Disney star Demi Lovato is proving to have a naughty streak.  While the 18-year-old continues treatment at an undisclosed rehab facility, her squeaky clean image took another battering after racy pics hit the web. The two pics, which were leaked online to blog The Superficial, show Lovato displaying lot of cleavage. In the first picture Lovato poses with a group of girls, most likely her back up dancers, as she pulls down her top to reveal her breasts. In a second picture she licks a girl’s cheek while also showing off maximum cleavage. It is unknown when the photos were taken and who leaked them. Lovato and her people have yet to comment on the racy photos. [The Superficial]

Kim Kardashian Gains 10-Pounds Before the Holidays Even Start

Kim Kardashian has broken her silence over rumors she is pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. The reality television star says she is not pregnant, but rather gained some weight since relocating to New York City to shoot her new reality television show Kim and Kourtney Take New York. The 30-year-old told MTV News, “So [in] New York [I] put on like 10 pounds and then I'm pregnant with Kanye's baby, so whatever! What can you do?! Hit the gym!” She blames her weight gain on all the devilishly naughty food available on the streets of NYC, saying, “My reaction is, 'God, I've got to stay away from those hot dogs and nuts on the street corner and the ice cream!’ Like those trucks, I've never seen that before — trucks of ice cream. You have to stop and eat! I couldn't control myself.” Please put down the pretzel Ms. Kardashian. [MTV]

Captain Beefheart Dies

Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Don Van Vliet, better known as the avant-garde mastermind Captain Beefheart, died early this morning at the age of 69 at a hospital in Northern California. Van Vliet passed away from complications of multiple sclerosis. A representative of New York City's Michael Werner Gallery, which hosted several shows of his paintings, confirmed his passing. He was a month away from turning 70. For those that know his brilliant work, this is a huge loss. RIP Don Van Vliet [LA Weekly]

The Phoenix Coyotes College Library Scouting Team Finds Valuable Addition

Last night, the Phoenix Coyotes needed a back-up goalie. Naturally, they turned to a community college hockey coach with no NHL experience. ESPN reports that "When Phoenix Coyotes No. 1 netminder Ilya Bryzgalov came down with the flu shortly before facing New York at Madison Square Garden, the team didn't have time to call up a goalie from the minors. Coyotes head of pro scouting Frank Effinger scoured the area for an amateur goalie and came up with Fenton, who lives in Purchase, N.Y., and coaches hockey at Manhattanville College. Effinger lives in the same area." Somewhere in the world Mike Vernon is out there wondering if he missed a phone call. [ESPN]

Yao Ming Secures Great Courtside Seats for Rest of Season

Remember Yao Ming? He's really tall, kind of Asian and used to play basketball? Well, the first two things are still true but the third one is suddenly in question. Sources claim that "an MRI performed Thursday found a stress fracture in Yao's left ankle five months after he said he might have to retire if he cannot stay healthy." It looks like he's going to have to pursue his fall-back career of "being really tall." [Chron]

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