Round 2 Results and Round 3 Matches

January 15, 2011

* Sorry for the Delay, there were setbacks.*

First there's the results from the last round to go over:

-The Rajput barely edged out Vlad for the win

-The Samurai cut down a Persian Immortal

-The Knight fell to the gunpowder of the Ming Warrior

-Alexander the Great took down his friend William Wallace

-The Roman Centurions shield beat Attilla

-The Ninja was taken out by an unarmored warrior. That's right, quiet down Ninja fans, he's not that good.

-The Spartan beat a Viking, no surprises there.

And in the Losers bracket:

-The Gladiator is going to wear body armor next time.

-The Celt stomped on the Shaolin Monk

-The Maori is awful

-Shaka barely defeated his fellow African Warrior the Zande

Now for the Next Rounds Matches:

The Samurai gets a Bye week

Ming vs Alexander the Great (sorry Sparta)

Centurion vs Spartan

Rajput vs Apache

And for the failures...

Viking gets a Bye week

Shaka vs Ninja

Knight vs Vlad the Impaler

William Wallace vs Persian Immortal

Sun Tzu vs Attilla the Hun

Celt vs Aztec Jaguar

The Maori, Gladiator, Shaolin Monk, and Zande Warrior have been eliminated. 3 of them deserve it.

Roker vs Gladiator will come out sometime during this Round.