Mantenna - Monday, June 22

June 19, 2009

Megan Fox says she's sorry, PETA Wants Phish to change their name, and the end of the world is delayed until's the Mantenna!

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Megan Fox Says Sorry

Megan Fox has apologized to the British boy who unsuccessfully tried to hand the Transformers star a white rose at the London premiere of her new film. In an interview with, Megan said, "I feel so sad for him. That kills me. It breaks my heart. And if you know his name, I'll send him a personal apology. I'm horrified—I would never do that. I'm sorry, sweet boy. I would never do that to you, and I would gladly accept your rose." She said she did not see or hear the young man over the sounds and camera flashes of the paparazzi. [Collider]

Ryan O’Neal to Marry Farah Fawcett

Ryan O’Neal has asked a gravely ill Farah Fawcett for her hand in marriage. O’Neal has told ABC television that the Charlie’s Angel star “agreed” and they will wed "as soon as she can say yes." Fawcett is currently battling cancer and is “fighting for her life.” O’Neal and Fawcett have been in relationships on and off since 1982 and have a son together. [NY Post]

Blast to the Past: George Lucas Talks Movies

In a 1971 on-camera interview with Gene Youngblood called George Lucas: Maker of Films, the filmmaker talks about his philosophy of filmmaking, why he got into making movies, and how he feels about working within Hollywood. And this is before Star Wars even existed. It’s pretty crazy to see young George Lucas sitting on a grassy field, looking about as much like a hippie as he ever did, shooting the breeze about Hollywood executives and how filmmaking is analogous to making toys. [Cinematical]

Kate Moss Kills Music


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Kate Moss destroyed her boyfriend's new songs by throwing his laptop into a swimming pool. The supermodel and The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince became embroiled in a bitter argument while on holiday and Kate was so furious she hurled Jamie's computer into the water even though it had six new tracks on, which he hadn't saved anywhere else. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Kate and Jamie started bickering out of nowhere and the row quickly escalated. She stalked off outside and, before he had a chance to react, Kate grabbed his bag and threw it into the pool. Unfortunately it contained his laptop, Blackberry, and personal diary. [Contact Music]

PETA Wants Phish to Change Their Name

PETA wants Phish to change its name to Sea Kitten for this weekend’s shows in Wisconsin. In this way, people might come to view fish the way they see cats and dogs, as smart and sensitive animals worthy of care and protection, at least according to Ashley Byrne, a PETA senior campaigner based in Washington, D.C. “We felt that fish needed an image overall,” she said of the animals, not the band. “They don’t receive the sympathy of the more cuddly animals. We thought that by rebranding fish as sea kittens, they might receive the compassion they deserve.” Since October, PETA has asked numerous organizations and entities with fish in their name to change it to sea kittens, Byrne said. [Burlington Free Press]

End of the World Delayed Until October

The world's largest atom smasher will likely be fired up again in October after scientists have carried out tests and put in place further safety measures to prevent a repeat of the faults that sidelined the $10 billion machine shortly after startup last year, the operator said Saturday. The Large Hadron Collider was meant to restart in late September, but that will probably be pushed back two to three weeks, a spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research said. [Engadget]

Apple Dishes Out iTunes Peace Offering in Wake of iPhone 3GS Problems

Industry sources say that Apple is offering a $30 iTunes credit to customers who could not activate their iPhone 3GS because of the server overloading problems. After the launch of the iPhone 3GS a few days ago, some customers were not able to activate their phone, rendering them inert. Apple is apparently addressing the issue with a "peace offering" iTunes credit to the tune of thirty bones, even as some customers have received emails that it could take an additional two days before their devices can be activated by the system. This compounds the fact that Apple iPhone customers in USA are already pissed that MMS still isn't ready to go on Apple's superphone. [Gizmodo]

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