Deadliest warrior tournament round 4

December 5, 2010

Here's a recap

Although the tournament won't be over after this because the losers will still fight I wanted to do the tournament as an elimination first just to see who could go undefeated.

Each one had to fight 3 enemies without defeat to get to this round.

The navy seals hijacked the somali pirates lives, they got revenge on the vietcong and finished off the last of russia's communist spies.

The spetznas did the same thing to america's CIA that the seals did to the KGB, They gave hitler second thoughts about messing with russia and showed Israel's commandos who was the superior spec ops.

This will be done as a regular battle

Navy seals vs. Spetznas

Beginning assessment: Navy seals america's elite special forces ready to fight anywhere vs. SOS spetznas russia's top secrets brutal special forces,  who is deadliest

Navy seals: Recon 1, Sig p226, benelli m4, mp5, m4a1, MK14, C4

Spetznas: Ballistic knife, Makarov, Saiga, PP-91 KEDR, AK-74, Dragunov, RGD-5

Ballistic knife vs. Recon 1: Both aren't necessarily extremely effective as regular knives. The ballistic knife is more than a regular knife because it can be launched. the ballistic knife is very unpredictable earning it the edge over the Recon 1.

Sig p226 vs. Makarov: Both are 9mm handguns. The makarov holds 8 shots while the sig holds 13. The sig is also more accurate. That being said the Sig p226 takes an edge.

Mp5 vs. KEDR: The KEDR has a effective range of only 25 meters. The mp5 has a effective range of 200 meters. The mp5 has much more range however the KEDR shoots much faster the mp5 shoots usually inbetween 600 and 700 rounds a minute while the KEDR shoots 1000 shots a minute. Although the KEDR has a greater rate of fire the mp5 earns the edge for greater range.

Benelli m4 vs. Saiga: Both are semi automatic shotguns. Both are new and very current shotguns so it's a draw.

M4a1 vs. AK74: Both have roughly the same range and caliber. The m4a1 shoots faster but the ak74 is more durable. Both are carbine's based off another weapon the m4 being the m16 and the 74 being the ak47.  Although both are very good the m4a1 wins for accuracy but not by much.

MK14 vs. Dragunov: The MK14 has a longer effective range being able to shoot past the dragunov's 800 meters effective range. However a well trained marksman can shoot a dragunov and get a hit from around 1,200 meters. The MK14 also has selective fire, allowing it to be used in fully automatic and cqc. The MK14 also holds twice as much ammo. Although the mk14 holds more ammo and has fully automatic fire the dragunov gets the edge for it's outstanding maximum range.

C4 vs. RGD-5: This is somewhat unfair comparing a plastic explosive to a hand grenade. The RGD-5 can be thrown which is useful in a combat situation the c4 has simply a bigger explosion earning it the edge.


5 Navy seals are dropped out of a helicopter onto a beach. Ahead of them is a large clearing and behind that a small town. They begin to move forward meanwhile a spetzna sniper on top of a mcdonald's looks through the telescopic sight on his dragunov. He fires his first round hitting a navy seal in the chest. Seals=4 Spetznas=5

The seals move forward through the clearing. One raises his MK14 and crouches. He fires a single round hitting the spetznas sniper in the right shoulder rendering him unable to fire his SVD. He stays behind to cover his allies while they search the town. As the 4 Seals move forward one is shot in the chest by an AK74. They run towards the building where the heard the gunshot. A seal runs into the cafe and sees a spetzna pop out from behind a table the seal unloads his mp5 before the spetzna can fire his KEDR. Seals=3 Spetznas=4

One of the seals goes to reload his mp5 when 2 spetznas dive roll into the room. The first one fires a makarov injuring the seal. the second one fires a saiga killing the other seal. The injured seal falls over pretending the shot to the chest from a 9mm was a kill. The two spetznas begin to walk out of the room when the seal who wasn't actually dead raises his p226, firing 3 rounds into each. Seals=2 Spetznas=2

The seals sniper was unsuccesful in relocating the spetzna sniper who had managed to escape the roof. He begins to move forward. He reaches the town and hears nothing. He turns and sees the cafe filled with blood. He runs in with his MK14. He sees his injured ally dieing on the floor. He runs to him hoping to save him when a spetzna bursts in the cafe. The seal jumps to the side and a ballistic knife flies, killing the already injured seal. Seals=1 Spetznas=2

The seal grabs his recon 1 and charges the spetzna who is reloading his ballistic knife. He stabs but the spetzna ducks and rolls to the side, However the spetzna is stabbed in the hand and drops his ballistic knife. The spetzna runs out of the building and the seal raises his MK14 only to see the spetzna dive roll into the back entrance of a mcdonalds. The Seal soon follows. He runs into the back and sees the spetzna running. He chases him into the main part of the restaurant. The spetzna dives behind a counter. The seal places a block of c4 and runs out. He detonates it immediately killing the spetzna. Seals=1 Spetznas=1

The seal rests his head at the back of the mcdonalds when he hears something moving. He turns to see the spetzna sniper he injured earlier limping towards his allies makarov that was blown towards him the explosion. The seal raises his sig and shoots the spetzna in the left shoulder. He begins to move toward the spetzna who now doesn't have use of either arms. The seal puts the barrel of his sig to the head of the spetzna. He asks the spetzna why their here and their purpose is. The spetzna kicks the seal back in an instance of strength. The spetzna bends his head down and uses his mouth to pull the pin on a grenade. He throws the grenade with his mouth. The seal stands up and raises his sig however before he can fire his sig the RGD-5 explodes. Seals=0 Spetznas=1, The remaining spetzna died of blood loss soon after.

Spetzas: 505

Ballistic knife: 24

Makarov: 26

KEDR: 87

Saiga: 133

AK74: 208

RGD-5: 27

Navy seals:

Recon 1: 5

sig: 39

Mp5: 78

Benelli m4: 113

M4a1: 236

C4: 24

Ending Assessment: This was pretty much too close too call. However at the end of the day the spetznas won by 10 victories. Although their m4 was more ffective than any other weapon the spetznas still won. The seals had great training as the spetznas did too. The seals had accuracy which is what gave weapons like the m4 such a high killing rate. The spetznas sheer brutality with systema managed to bring them to the top. Researching both sides tactics seals utilize enemy fear. For example a four man squad will fire multiple rounds at a target to try to make them feel outnumbered. However that becomes ineffective when your enemies training is to ignore pain and fear. The spetznas training and tactics were more effictive against their enemies than their enemies were against their', that's why they won.

Most effective weapon: The m4a1 scored an astounding 236 kills.

Least effective weapon: The seals only got close enough to a spetzna to stab him to death 5 times.