Of Course the Germans Invented a Parking Meter For Prostitutes

September 9, 2011

Prostitution is an extremely controversial issue on the world stage. Issues of human trafficking, rights of sex workers, abuse, and social good are playing out as we speak. But for governments that have taken the plunge and legalized prostitution, the question becomes "How do we tax this?"

Don't worry, guys! Germany's got your back!

Yes, somehow, the Germans beat the Japanese to creating a parking meter for prostitutes. In Germany, prostitution is legal, but taxing them has been hard for obvious reasons. Fortunately, the city of Bonn hired Siemens, the multinational manufacturing group, and they came up with a solution: a parking meter!

It works like this: working girls have to pay a flat fee, every night, to work. Instead of presumably finding a police officer and paying him for a nightly license, you go to the machine, dump in about nine bucks, and, viola! You can sell yourself for money with no legal consequences!

This isn't the only way the Germans have streamlined picking up a hooker: near the prostitute parking meter are large garages you can park your car and get it on. That's efficiency for you.

Photo: Digital Vision/Getty Images