The 15 Hottest Female Sportscasters

September 11, 2008

Watching sports is awesome. Nothing beats a Sunday at home, in front of the box with your mates and a cold one. This male nirvana is usually a female-free zone… unless there happens to be a sexy sportscaster roaming the sidelines. Nothing compliments a good game more than a fine female sports reporter, and now it's your chance to vote for the one that takes you into overtime.

Erin Andrews


The former Gators Dazzler dancer works for ESPN where she started as a reporter for the network’s NHL coverage. She has since added college football, college basketball, college baseball and Major League Baseball to her docket. In 2007, readers of Playboy magazine voted her “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster," and many a man has completely ignored her interviews--completely dazzled by her appearance.

Lindsay Soto


Sexy Lindsay Soto appears in a variety of roles for the Fox Sports Network. The California native was her high school year book sports editor, but now she's big-time for Fox Sports Net where she covers most LA-based teams, including USC football, where she interned.

Hazel Mae


Born in the Philippines, Hazel Mae is one of the hottest sportscasters in the New England area. She is so loved by Red Sox fans that she was nominated to be the first president of Red Sox Nation. She will soon be seen as the on-air face of the MLB Network

Amber Wilson


Amber melted our hearts as the fantasy football goddess of CBS Sportsline. Now she's with website Open Sports. Making her even more attractive, the busty blonde hostess knows her stuff, and she also used to be a Gators Dazzler, so she's got the moves as well. Seriously, does it really get any better than this?

Krista Voda


Krista Voda is the queen of auto racing sportscasting. She is a pit reporter for NASCAR on Fox and is also the host of NCTS Setup on the SPEED Channel. This is one girl who likes to go fast.

Ines Sainz


A former Miss Spain, Ines Sainz is one hot sports reporter. She works for Mexican television conducting sideline interviews, and is known for her tight pants and kissing players after interviews.

Lisa Guerrero


Lisa Guerrero started her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams, dabbled as a soap actress, then moved into sports reporting. The Los Angeles Times named her “the hardest working sports reporter." She’s best known as the co-host of The Best Damn Sports Show Period, which she left in 2003. She’s now a correspondent on Inside Edition. In 2006, at age 41, she posed for Playboy. No one was disappointed.

Hannah Storm


Former The Early Show co-anchor, Hannah has returned to sports reporting this year and can now be seen weekdays hosting ESPN’s morning Sportscenter. She adopted the surname Storm during her stint as a DJ for a rock station in Texas. She is married to NBC golf host, Dan Hicks.

Jamie Little


Las Vegas born and raised, Little is the pit reporter for NASCAR Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Series on ESPN and ABC. She is well liked in the motocross and extreme sports community. In 2008 she won the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race, showing she can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Jill Arrington


The daughter of former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Rick Arrington, Jill is a blonde bombshell of a sideline reporter with beautiful eyes. She began her career covering college and professional football for CBS and Fox, and has long been a darling of men’s magazine rankings and was voted sexiest sportscaster by Playboy in 2001.  In 2004 she moved over to ESPN and left after a year. She has been MIA ever since. Come back Jill. We miss you. 

Alex Flanagan


Alex is currently a reporter for the NFL Network and fill-in host for its flagship show, NFL Total Access. Prior to working for the NFL Network she was a sideline reporter for college football on ESPN.

Leanne Tweeden


Leanne Tweeden is part Spanish, Filipino and Norwegian and got her break as a model after being discovered while working at Hooters. From 2000 to 2007 she was a correspondent on Fox’s Best Damn Sports Show Period. This year she is the host of NBC’s Poker After Dark and was named "The Top Hooters Girls of All Time." Leanne really knows her stuff when it comes to extreme sports, and we wouldn't mind if she showed us a thing or two.

Jillian Reynolds (Barberie)


The raspy-voiced, busty beauty has been the weather girl on FOX NFL Sunday since 2000. The 41-year-old is best known for co-anchoring the morning show Good Day L.A and was once married to baseballer Bret Barberie. She has since married actor Grant Reynolds--lucky dude.

Bonnie Bernstein


Bonnie is an award-winning sports journalist who has worked at both CBS and ESPN. She has covered five Super Bowls and is the first sportscaster in history to cover the game for both network television and radio syndication. Did we mention that she's smoking hot? She's the total package.

Melissa Stark


Melissa works for NBC and MSNBC as a news and sports anchor. Prior to joining NBC she spent three years as a sideline reporter on Monday Night Football. In 2001 she was detained in Mexico after a security guard arrested her and two other ABC employees while they tried to enter a stadium to cover an NFL game. Melissa is 100 percent class, and the kind of girl you'd be happy to take home to Mom.

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