East Meets West: U.S. Army Rangers Take On North Korean Special Ops

May 31, 2011
We're starting off this week with a battle for the ages…the US Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operations Force!

Photo: Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

One of the most specifically trained units in the world, the US Army Rangers are elite members of the United States Army whose lineage traces back as early as the Colonial Period. Headquartered in Fort Benning, Georgia, the Rangers' first Captain was Colonel Benjamin Church (1676), who used them when regular military personnel were bewildered by the Native Americans' unique warfare tactics. The purpose of the Rangers then was to emulate the enemy's battle strategies while mixing in their own traditional training. The US Army Rangers have been deployed into numerous wars, including the American Civil War, the Korean War, World War II, and Vietnam – they've even been sent to Afghanistan during the War on Terror. The Rangers only recruit the toughest and bravest, and are always ready to lead the way when called into action.

Photo: Greg Baker/Getty Images

A great military threat to its neighbor South Korea, The North Korean Special Operations Forces (SOF) is without a doubt the largest special operations force in the world. This group of elite military personnel is said to have been created just after the Korean War and operates on land, sea, and air. Not only does the SOF engage in military and psychological warfare, they also aid the North Korean secret police in capturing corrupt officials. The SOF is a deadly force to be reckoned with, and has only increased in size as the years have passed – in fact in the past few years forces have increased to a reported 200,000. These troops are highly skilled, massive in size, and know just when to strike.

The US Army Rangers and the North Korean Special Operations Force join Genghis Khan vs. Hannibal , Saddam Hussein vs. Pol Pot, and Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror as the officially announced matchups for Deadliest Warrior Season 3. Our next matchup will be revealed tomorrow, June 1, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the up-to-the-minute info. Until then, let us know who would win this great battle, the Rangers or the Special Operations Force? Don't forget to vote below.

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