David Goyer to Write The Man of Steel

February 24, 2010

There have been a lot of rumors going around about the reboot of the Superman franchise. For a long time it sounded like Bryan Singer was going to get another shot and that they were even going to bring back Brandon Routh. Now all those rumors have been thrown into the circular file.

As of right now it turns out David Goyer, who helped concoct the story for The Dark Knight, is on board to write the script, and that the film is going to be titled The Man of Steel. It’s going to be based on John Byrnes’s version of Superman. Could this mean that Superman is going to become as badass as Batman?

Latino Review fills us in on the details:

Thomas Tull, the head of Legendary, got tired of all the discussion and decided chingate, let's do it.  So he went to Goyer and Goyer had an idea that actually takes the movies back to the John Byrne incarnation.  Modern.  Believable.  FUN!  So Tull got Goyer hired. ...I can tell you that Goyer's story involves Luthor and Brainiac.  It is NOT an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry.  I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet.  And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology.

All of this sounds like good stuff, especially since Christopher Nolan is godfathering the project. We already know that when Goyer and Nolan get together good things happen.

It's about time someone got Superman in order, and putting Goyer in charge of penning the script is a huge step in the right direction. Of course, Superman isn't Batman, but if Goyer can work some of the magic he and Nolan worked on The Dark Knight then this will spell great things for the franchise.

And now the obvious question is: with Routh (thankfully) out of the running to botch -- I mean play -- Clark Kent again, who should become The Man of Steel?

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images