Ultimate Guide to Dating: What Women Want?

August 5, 2008


World renowned pick-up artist Nick Savoy is a regular guy like you and me. He’s not a male model playboy who has women dripping off him. In fact he used to be horrible at picking up and seducing women. Now, by using his tried and tested methods he can literally pick-up any woman he wants. He has turned the art of seducing women into a science, delving into the female psyche to find out what women truly want in a man. He has developed a “guaranteed method that can teach any man how to approach, talk to, and seduce or date beautiful women”. This is his ultimate guide to picking up women.

Over the next 10 days, Spike will reveal an insiders guide on how to approach, attract and pick-up beautiful women. Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend or just a fun night these tips are going to change your world.


Tomorrow: Dress for Success

To crack the code and find out the ultimate way to pick up women Spike sat down with Nick Savoy, a world renowned pick-up artist and President /Founder of Love System.  Savoy has made regular appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, he co-found Mystery Method Corp with fellow pick-up artist “Mystery”, was a consultant on the VH1 show “The Pickup Artist” and appears in Neil Strauss’ internationally best selling book “The Game”. His bestselling book “Magic Bullets” shows how to approach and attract beautiful women using the "Emotional Progression Model" - a seven-stage process that takes a man from the first time he meets a woman, to managing a subsequent relationship with her.   

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