Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-Saladin vs. Hannibal

August 15, 2010

I have not been posting recently because of work, social life, and the fact that I have to get pictures back to the articles where the picture is missing. That should be done soon. Without further delay, let's bring out the two warriors.

Saladin was the formidable fighter of the Middle East. Yet what made him so cool was that he could kick ass and be a gentleman while doing it. When the Crusaders tried gaining holy territory, this Muslim ruler took charge and defended. Although everywhere around him people were being murdered for not converting to Christianity, he send the main man of the Crusaders, Richard the Lionheart, presents. Richard was a chivalrous and worthy opponent, as was Saladin. When Richard fell ill, Saladin brought gifts. When Richard lost his horse in battle, Saladin give him one.

Saladin himself was a big fan of horses. He is even quoted as saying that it is a shame that a man should have to fight on foot. Arabian horses were born with great speed, intelligence, stamina, and sometimes stealth. These horses gave the Middle East an edge as they were light, unlike the heavily armoured ones used by their opponents.

On the flip side of the coin we have the excellent military general from Carthage, Hannibal. He was the greatest threat to the Roman Empire during the Punic Wars. His lifelong mission was to get Rome to crumble under him, and he would do whatever it took. His greatest military acheivement was when him and his men killed 70,000 men in one day-numbers that were unheard of at the time.

In terms of animals, Hannibal had war elephants. They were tactically useful because their enormity would scare the enemy. To give the elephants their power, Carthigian troops would give them alcohol before a battle. Unfortuantely, the one flaw with these near perfect killers was that they were unpredictable and could rampage at the wrong side.


Now a look at the weapons. Saladin strikes with a curved sword called the talwar.

Like many other Muslim swords, this sword was curved to make the swing faster, proabably making it better than a straight sword.

Hannibal retaliates with an armour crushing curved sword of his own called the falcata.

The blade is a descendant of the curved kopis found in Greece.

For long range, the Muslim warriors had a bow and arrow which could be fired from close and long range. See full size image




Plenty of arrows could slow down an armored man. In addition to the Muslim's tactics, they also would drum and whistle to confuse the opponent into thinking that the battlefield was even more hectic and violent.

For the army in Carthage, the sling was a rediculously good long range weapon. With the sling, the highly trained slingers in the Carthigian army could launch the projectile further than arrows! This weapon could also be used on an animal as well as on foot.

For special weapons, Saladin had another curved sword snugly fit into his hilt during battle called the sappara.


This nasty curved sword is also known as the khopesh in other regions of the world.

As his special weapon, Hannibal used the sarissa.

The thing could range from fifteen to almost twenty feet long! That's definetly going to keep Saladin at a distance.

Finally, there are the close range weapons. As a concealable weapon, the Middle Eastern warriors would use a torturous looking weapon. These were early, more crude versions of brass knuckles called tiger claws.

These vicous things were fitted on the hands. They were called bagh nakh, and transformed a warrior into an ancinet Wolverine.

Hannibal adopted tactics from many great cultures, also giving him many choices of weapons to use. However, he had a sword with great slashing capabilities.

The weapon was usually three feet long, and was...the Celtic longsword.

Of course, armour and shields have to be taken into consideration. The shield used by the Carthigians was called the thureos.





It would defend very well against a blow, and if need be, the iron knob could be used to beat someone down. They also wore graves, mail, and the montefortino helmet.


As for Saladin, you can see that he also came very well equipped to protect against a blow.

Who will win? I've no idea, but a slight edge to Hannibal for keeping a distance in terms of weaponry.