10,000 Ways To Die. # 1001: Revolver Stealer

September 26, 2010

This is a made up death, any names, dates, etc., are just made up by the writer.

Date: April, 08, 1993.

Location: Belfast, Ireland.

Narrator: Meet the two craziest and dumbest members of the Irish Republican Army, Fred Wiliger and Scott O'Brien. After fighting in a group of six against the British, they were the only ones that lived. But not for long. You see, Fred's favorite hobbie was cocking his Webley Revolver time and time again. This revolver, however, was bought off the black market where it might not be dependable.

Scott: Fred, STOP IT! You do that everyday 24/7! How about you set the gun down and help me with these plans?

Fred: Neh, After I finish this whisky I'm gonna practice with the AR-15 and use the bottle as a target. Besides, plans are boring.

Scott: Whatever...

Narrator: Mad that Scott never thinks Fred is special, he pretends to shoot him in the head with one last cock to the revolver, did his best 'gun blasting noise', and recocks it, still pointing at the head of Scott, but actually shoots him. As soon as it went off, Scott's brain splatters, but the sudden startle even made the intoxicated shooter overwhelmed in fear, and HE dies from a heart attack.

Dr. Armand Dorian as medical response: Well, we've seen that weapons off the black market can be very unreliable, so after cocking a revolver a dangerous amount of time, enough build up and pressur will loosen the bullets. It's like playing Russian Roulette, only not knowing it.