Stop Your Woman Whining About Sex With Wine

August 6, 2009

Want more, better sex? Who doesn’t! Well, new research has revealed a simple way to get your lady more aroused, reach more orgasms, and have an all-round better sex life. In the end you’ll both be winners.

A new study shows that women who indulge in a glass or two of wine each day have superior sex lives than those women who do not consume wine.

The study of 800 women was conducted by the University of Florence, Italy. The University surveyed women aged 18 – 50 and asked them to rate their sexual satisfaction using the Female Sexual Function Index. This index is “used by doctors to assess women's sexual health, based on factors including arousal, orgasm, satisfaction and pain.” The index ranges from 2 to 36, and the higher the score the better the sexual health.

The survey showed that women who drank two glasses of wine a day scored an average of 27.3, while those who consumed one glass daily scored 25.9. Women who did not drink averaged a score of 24.4. Show these figures to your woman now.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Nicola Mondaini, says, “Historically, the aspects of wine and sexuality have been well known since the time of Ancient Greece." So men, it’s time to stock your wine cellar, uncork a bottle, and live life like it's Ancient Greece. You and your lady-friend will be more satisfied as a result.

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Source: Stock 4B/Getty Images