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Mantenna - Thursday, January 13

by spike.com   January 13, 2011 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 290

Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean goes back to rehab, Gucci Mane gets an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, and Lawrence Taylor will now be able to continue his “active” dating life...more Mantenna, please.

Photo: Bob Berg/Getty Images


Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean Goes Back to Rehab

According to TMZ, troubled Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean has once again entered a rehab facility. "For personal reasons, I've checked myself into a rehab clinic," McLean said in an official statement. "With 2011 being a busy year for Backstreet, I want to be healthy and perform and sing for people at my very best and happiest. None of this will affect our current tour plans and I look forward to seeing everyone really soon! Thank you for all of your support and respecting my family and friends privacy during this time." Bein' a Backstreet Boy must not be as easy as it looks. [TMZ]

Gucci Mane Got an Ice Cream Face Tattoo

Even though it may seem like a gross exaggeration, rapper Gucci Mane recently got an ice cream cone tattooed permanently on the side of his face. We should also mention that Mr. Mane was also just released from a court-ordered stay in a mental facility. Just sayin’. Hit the link to feast your eyes on quite possibly the worst celeb tattoo of all time.  [MTV]

Lawrence Taylor will be able to Continue his “Active” Dating Life

Photo: Gregorio Binuya/Getty Images

Last year, Lawrence Taylor was accused of some pretty messy sex stuff involving an underage girl who may or may not have been a prostitute. Earlier today, a U.S. judge told him it wasn’t a big deal and gave him some probation.  Hall of Fame linebacker Taylor pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges in court Thursday, stemming from a May 6 arrest for felony statutory rape. He will be sentenced to six years probation but must register as a sex offender. He also was ordered to pay $1,300 in fees.” Say what you will about the justice system, but at least it's consistent with their treatment of Pro Bowl linebackers. [ESPN]

Baseball Player Admits He’s Overpaid and Totally Cool with It

Vernon Wells is one of the most overpaid athletes in professional sports. A fact which doesn’t bother him one bit. “The way I feel about it, I was blessed with that contract to go out and do things. Everybody would say I’m not worth the money and I would totally agree that I’m not worth that contract.” That’s the spirit! [NBC]

Ally-Oops are Better in Slow Motion

Seriously. It’s just science. Take a look. [YouTube]


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