Quarterback Shows Tremendous Leadership While Pistol Whipping His Assistant Coach

March 8, 2010

If there are two qualities every college football coach hopes his players embody, it’s a complete lack of respect for authority and a fondness for handguns. That’s why The Citadel may be national title favorites this year.

One of the team’s quarterbacks, Miguel Starks, showed his dedication to the team by allegedly robbing his assistant coach at gunpoint, tying him up in a chair and striking him with the weapon. (He also showed excellent breakaway speed while fleeing with jewelry and a handful of cash.)

On the surface, robbing a guy who can easily identify you may seem like a flawless plan, but it appears as if Starks did not account for the “getting caught” aspect of the crime.

Since the robbery, Starks has been suspended from the team and may be asked to leave school since the Federal Penal System has a pretty strict attendance policy.

Photo: Riser/Getty Images

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