Terminator Salvation Comic-Con Panel

July 28, 2008


The highlight of the Terminator Salvation panel was without a doubt the new trailer, showcasing some serious explosions and hardware worship. In a word, it's tough.

Two quotes in particular brought a wave of relief and giddiness to the crowd. The first was from director McG on the PG-13 rumor mill. He stated he was told to "Make the picture. If it's rater R, it's rated R." That's good news for all of us who saw the gritty looking trailer and worried that it might just be a tease to a softer film. Sam Worthington had the second quote, further fueling our hopes for a bad ass Terminator.

"We're making a gritty and real Terminator. It's not for pansies."

Bless you, sir. We eagerly await Judgment Day.

And check out this interview below which features Moon Bloodgood, a sultry new addition to the Terminator universe.


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