New Avatar Trailer This Friday

October 20, 2009

Twentieth Century Fox has announced that a new, extended trailer for director James Cameron's Avatar is headed our way this Friday, October 23. And you're going to want to actually catch this in the theaters 'cause it's not going online until October 29th.

Coming Soon broke the story:

The trailer, which clocks in at roughly around 3 minutes and 30 seconds, won't be coming online until October 29th. You should really see this in theaters anyways as we've learned that this is THE trailer, the one that will show you much more story (as opposed to the teaser trailer previously released).

So if you weren't one of the lucky people to catch the fifteen minute block of footage from the film on Avatar day back in August, here's your chance to see some of the movie that wasn't part of the first trailer.

It sounds like this isn't going to be in 3D, which is fine. The movie's going to have to be able to stand on its own two legs in 2D as well, if only because there aren't many theaters right now that are outfitted to play films in 3D. Will this take away from the experience? Hopefully not, though it will make it less immersive, which is part of what Cameron is going for with Avatar.

And then you have to ask the question: is it really worth it to shell $10 or more for a ticket just to see a trailer? That's madness. Hopefully it will play before everything that's releasing this Friday. Otherwise, if Fox is just using this to promote films that no one wanted to see anyway, that would be...cynical.

One way or another, it's just nice that Fox is releasing another trailer for the movie. Avatar news has been few and far between. Have the execs at Fox forgotten that this movie's coming out in two months? Their marketers better get their act together.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox