This Is What an Electric Camaro with 2000 Pounds of Torque Sounds Like

October 13, 2011

Generally, when we think of electric vehicles, we think of hippie-crunchy save-the-earth type people, or really rich guys buying the Tesla Roadster to show off that you can be ecologically conscious and still a huge d-bag. We don't generally associate it with hitting 105 mph from a full stop.

Until now.

Check out this video of a modified Camaro, entirely electric and built for drag racing:

Yeah, that tops out at over 120 mph.

So why aren't we seeing vehicles like this all over the streets? Largely because right now they're pretty expensive, even compared to the EVs on the road. But don't worry. This is America. Just because we give up gasoline eventually doesn't mean we'll have to give up ripping down the highway at unsafe speeds. After all, isn't that what science is supposed to do?

Source: YouTube/khanhd