Shaquille O'Neal Begins Serenading Teenage Boys

July 29, 2010

Here’s a fun little video of former (but still desperately trying to be a current) basketball star Shaquille O’Neal celebrating his love of Justin Bieber with an impromptu love song. It may lack artistic creativity, but at least it doesn’t end with O’Neal asking Kobe how his ass tastes.

The statutory love ballad was done during the sound check of an upcoming Bieber concert, and appears to be well received by onlookers too terrified to stop the Big Aristotle from embarrassing himself.

Oddly, some critics contend that serenading teenage boys may not help O’Neal show NBA general managers just how dedicated he is to basketball. (Though several Hollywood executives have since expressed interest in producing a Kazaam prequel.)

Anyway, enjoy the video.

Photo: Focus on Sport/Getty Images