HourOne: Risen 2

April 23, 2012

Our bros over at are set to continue their amazing new feature called HourOne. Basically, you get to check out the first hour of a game the day before it comes out. They're doing it today with the single-player fantasy-themed action role-playing game Risen 2: Dark Waters. Yes.

Today at 3:00pm/6:00pm PST our good pals at GameTrailers will have a Risen 2 Live Stream event going down for all to see. As most of you already know, Risen 2: Dark Waters begins in the harbor city of Caldera. The last vestiges of the Inquisition gathered in the fortress of crystal and are still trying to fight against the Titans. Unfortunately, sea monsters cause inconvenience and boats that were supposed to deliver major equipments that are lost to the sea. The main character is the hero of the first Risen.

Stay tuned to Side Mission as HourOne takes you even further into Risen 2: Dark Waters today at 3pm Pacific! Just head on over to at the times above.

Source: Piranha Bytes/Deep Silver