X Scorch Brings Split Controlling to Xbox 360 Gamers

March 22, 2010

The Wii has used a two-fisted dual controller scheme since its birth, and now the PS3 is also getting its own incarnation of that controller setup, courtesy of the motion-sensing PlayStation Move. But that has left Xbox 360 gamers that want a similar experience S.O.L....until now.

The X Scorch can handle both Xbox 360 and PC gaming duties and combines a wireless, button-adorned mouse with a wireless nunchuck-style thumbstick controller, providing you wire-free use of both your limbs during your gaming experience.

More importantly, the X Scorch brings mouse-caliber speed and accuracy to the Xbox 360. As many shooter fans will attest, using a mouse for aiming purposes can be both faster and more accurate than the thumbsticks found on console controllers. The X Scorch may in fact give its users a notable advantage over other players relying on the more ham-fisted approach of aiming with a thumbstick.

The X Scorch retails for $79.99. Here it is in action during a game of Halo: 3:


Source: Joystiq