Arrested Development in Development

June 30, 2008


Jason Bateman recently gave an interview about the possibility of an Arrested Development film. The series got canned in 2006 and left a lot of fans in the lurch; a movie could assuage a lot of people who felt the show got short shrift for its hilarious efforts.

Bateman stated, “All the actors want to do it, the writers want to do it, and the boss wants to do it. And they are working on making a deal, probably as we speak. But it's a long, sort of drawn-out, complicated business process. Arrested Development is such a specific tone, it doesn't lend itself to mass appeal, as played out by the fact that it's canceled. So it has to be done for a price. They can't spend the money they spent on Hancock.”

Whether or not this movie happens is anyone's guess, but Bateman says that “They're working it out, and hopefully we'll be able to know something in the next month.” In the event that the film doesn’t get greenlit, they should just start the show up again. Nothing would please fans more.