Jay-Z Wants to Bring the Nets to Brooklyn

September 26, 2011

The sports world hasn't been kind to Brooklyn. They lost one of history's most groundbreaking baseball teams, the Dodgers, that helped break the racial roadblocks in baseball by drafting Jackie Robinson, to Los Angeles, a city that has pretty much buried its once proud name under a pile of unpaid bills. Their one shot at an NFL franchise, the Brooklyn Lions, folded with barely a season under their belt. They are forced to root for the Mets (sorry Brooklyn, that last one was a low blow).

Rapper Jay-Z hopes to change all that by giving them an NBA franchise. One of the town's most famous homegrown heroes is part owner of the New Jersey Nets and he announced plans to move the team to his hometown and make them the Brooklyn Nets for the 2012-13 season.

The team will play at the Barclays Center and Jay-Z also said he intends to welcome the team to their new home by holding a series of eight commemorative concerts at the stadium before, scheduled to open to the public by September of 2012. All access passes for the team's first season will only cost just over $15,000. You might start saving those pennies now, Brooklyn. Hopefully by the time the stadium opens, you might only have to sell one of your kidneys instead of both to earn you a backstage season pass.

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment