Wacky Russian Shows Excellent Commitment to Delusion

February 23, 2010

Some people accept defeat with grace and dignity. Others spend 72 hours whining like a small child before awarding themselves a fictitious “Olympic Platinum Medal.” Russian figure skater and 2010 Silver Medalist Evgeni Plushenko falls into the latter part of that equation.

After being defeated by American Evan Lysacek several days ago in the men’s figure skating finals, Plushenko has started a parade of delusion that culminated in his self-awarding of a platinum medal on his web site today.

It appears as though the act is a political protest about figure skating’s dark underbelly of corruption and favoritism. Or, he’s just a massive prick. It’s really one or the other.    

Photo: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images