Top 10 Bizarre Ways to Use Cola

March 14, 2011
Cola not only quenches your thirst. It can also be used in some truly strange ways to make life easier.

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10. Use it for Tanning


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Want a great tan? Then smother your body in cola and lie out in the sun. This is not a joke. Tanning aficionados have long used this strange practice to gain a dark and long lasting tan. Some say a tan gained with this method lasts at least three months. All you need to do is pour your favorite cola into a spray bottle and use it to evenly mist your entire body. Then lie out in the sun or hit the tanning bed. By using cola to tan you’ll also protect yourself from pesky outdoor insects. You can’t say that about regular tanning oil.

9. Make a Pot Roast or Cook a Steak

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The magical properties of cola work wonders in the kitchen, especially with tougher, cheaper cuts of meat. Soak your favorite chewy meat in the cola and it will miraculously become tender and succulent. If you’re feeling adventurous, add some Italian dressing to the cola and craft your very own marinade. Yum! Let the meat rest for an hour and get grilling.

To make a great tasting ole-fashion pot roast, follow this scrumdiddlyumptious recipe:

Coca-Cola Pot Roast

3-4 lb. roast1 pkg. dry onion soup mix1 can low-fat cream of mushroom soup1 can coca-colacarrotscelery(or any veggie of your liking)

You can brown roast in a pan before you put in your crock pot.

Put roast in your crock pot. In a large bowl, mix together mushroom soup, dry onion soup mix, and Coca-Cola. Pour this over the roast in cooker. Then add veggies alongside roast. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 5-6 hours.

As Julia Child would say, “Bon Appetit!”

8. Kill Bugs and Snails

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Humans are not the only creatures on earth with a sweet tooth. Slugs, bugs, ands snails all love a dose of sugar and they find cola irresistible. While the sugar attracts the pest, the acid in the soda actually terminates them. This makes cola is a safe, inexpensive, pesticide-free way to control the creepy crawlies around your home.

7. Remove Stains and Blood

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The low level of phosphoric acid in Cola (it has a Ph level of 2.5) makes it the perfect household cleaning solution. The fizzy pop can be used to remove stains and blood from most textiles. If you have grease or asphalt on a pair of jeans or a bloodied shirt, simply throw it in the wash with a can of cola and turn your machine on. These normally too-hard-to-remove stains will come right out. The cola will also deodorize your load of laundry, removing any unpleasant smells.

You can also use cola to clean your pool, remove stains from carpet, make your toilet bowl bright and sparkly, and remove baked-on food from pots and pans.

6. Water the Lawn

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You’re not the only one who likes to quench your thirst with a bottle of cola. So does your lawn. The phosphoric acid in cola, which gives cola its bite and tangy taste, is great for turf. Grass loves phosphoric acid and it’s actually a major ingredient in common household fertilizer. To make your grass greener year-round, and make your neighbors green with envy, spray cola on your lawn once a month. Then once you’ve finished, crack open a can for yourself and wave to those jealous neighbors.

5. Rust Buster

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The three active ingredients of cola-- phosphoric acid, sugar, and carbon dioxide, are also the active ingredients of rust removal product Naval Jelly. Scary, huh? This makes cola an awesome and cheap rust buster. To remove rust, soak your rusted objects in cola overnight. The active ingredients in cola will break down the rust particles and by morning your objects will be rust free. You can also use cola to help loosen rusted on nuts and bolts.

4. Make that Skunk Smell Go Away

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No one likes a run-in with a skunk, especially your nasal passages. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of being sprayed by a rascally skunk, take comfort in knowing you can use a can or two of cola to rid yourself (or pet or loved one) of that vile, vile smell.

To remove the pungent odor you need to take a cola bath or shower. Remove all clothes (you should launder these in cola as well) and stand in a bucket of cola. Wash your entire body with the cola making sure to clean every inch of your skin. The acid in the cola will deskunk you, leaving you smelling sweet.

3. Preserve and Clean Submarines

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According to one man of the sea, the Navy uses cola to help preserve their fleet of submarines. Bill Ferris, a retired sailor from South Carolina, writes, “I made 17 submarine patrols between 1975 and 1992. Subs normally stayed in the cooler, northern waters, but on one patrol we spent a great deal of time in the warmer, southern Atlantic. When we returned to port, our normally black hull was covered with a snowy, white film. It was apparently some type of marine animal or plant that thrived in the warmer water. Try as we might, we couldn't clean the film off to prepare the hull for routine preservation (Navy term for painting). Finally, one old salt suggested we try Coke syrup. We had a soda dispenser onboard, so we had access to gallons of the syrup. We poured it on the hull, let it sit for a few minutes, and easily brushed the growth off.” The power of cola is truly remarkable.

2. Prevent an Asthma Attack

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Asthma affects one in 29 in America. If you or someone you know is having an asthma attack and don’t have an inhalers or medicine handy, the best thing to do is drink a can or two of cola. Cola contains caffeine and this will slow down the asthma attack. The caffeine “works to help dilate the bronchial passage, relieving your asthma symptoms until you get your medicine or inhale.” Who knew a cola could save your life?

1. Power Your Cell Phone

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Forget worrying about your cell phone battery running out of juice. Now you can crack open a can of cola to repower your cell phone. Yep, cell phone giant Nokia has invented a new phone that is powered entirely by sugary soda. Designed by Daizi Zheng, the phone is charged by pouring cola into the cylindrical back of the phone. The cola phone contains an innovative battery that “makes use of enzymes to generate electricity from carbohydrates.” This phone also lasts four times longer than the usual lithium batteries found in cell phones. It’s also completely biodegradable.