Hannah Montana Director Says Miley Cyrus is the Next Judy Garland

April 3, 2009

Hannah Montana director Peter Chelsom recently compared Miley Cyrus to Hollywood icon Judy Garland, stating that he was "blown away" the first time he saw the pop star perform. Wow.

Peter Chelsom is claiming that he saw Miley’s talent long before he worked with her on the Hannah Montana feature film. Chelsom supposedly saw unlimited potential when Cyrus performed on Oprah Winfrey's daily talk show in November of 2007:

“I was blown away,” he said. “I just thought, you know there is no way this girl shouldn’t be ranked with Shirley Temple or Judy Garland.” Later, Cyrus insisted he come see her in concert in Miami. “I couldn’t believe it,” he remembered. “It was like watching an evening with Barbra Streisand."

If that wasn’t enough, Chelsom also pointed out that Miley was only ”15 for the whole making of the [Hannah Montana] movie.” When asked if Barbra Streisand was doing that at the age of 15, he stated, “I don't think so."

This guy is really trying to sell some movie tickets.

Source: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images