Steve Nash And Walt Frazier Help Launch The Galaxy S® III

June 21, 2012

The next big thing is here, people. Yesterday, here in good ol' New York City, we were lucky enough to chat with BBall superstars Steve Nash and Walt Frazier as they both helped launch the Galaxy S® III from Samsung, a device that is truly taking technology to the next level.

"The most exciting thing so far for me is the camera," Nash told us at the exclusive event. "The capabilities are incredible. It's an 8-megapixel camera. It has different capabilities. There's a 'burst' option that can take high speed photography." Nash, who kills it on Twitter as well as other social networking sites, seemed legitimately thrilled to be to be a part of the launch and to take the new device for a serious test drive. "You can also share information really quickly with other Samsung users. You can touch your phones together and share files, not just photos and videos, but actual files."

Nash is easily one of the most down-to-earth players in the game and there seems to be no doubt that his trusty new Galaxy S® III will help him interact with fans in more. "It's pretty phenomenal. For me, being a dad of three and interacting with fans, it's great to be able to have a better capability when it comes to videos and photographs."

We all know now that the Samsung Galaxy S® III is intuitive, stylish and simple to use, so it seemed like a perfect fit to have NBA legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier live in the building to also help launch the new smartphone. "It looks like "Clyde," it's sleek and elegant." A smiling Frazier told us. Little did we know, up until yesterday, Frazier was rocking a classic flip phone. Seriously. With this said, we had to know the first thing "Clyde" did with his fancy new Galaxy S® III. "First thing I went to was Google. Obviously I Googled myself and I said, 'Ah man, this cool.'" Indeed. "The other thing I like is the camera. Taking pictures…very simple. You don't have to worry if it's a good picture cause in one second it takes like eight shots and it selects the best one." I can't wait for Walt to start uploading Instagram shot of his extremely baller suits. Just sayin'.

At last, here's a smartphone that recognizes your voice, understands your intentions, and lets you create and share precious moments instantly. The Galaxy S III offers one of the most sophisticated interactive mobile experiences to date. You'll be able to send photos, videos and information easier and faster than ever; stay better connected to friends and family members from wherever you are; and run multiple functions on your phone at the same time.

Source: Jemal Countess/SamsungGetty Images