Aztec Jaguar vs. Zulu

January 30, 2011


Close: Macuahuitl

Mid: Tepoztopilli

Long: Atlatl and Tlacochtli

Special: Tematlatl



Close: Sallow Tail Axe

Mid: Iklwa spear

Long: Assegai spears

Special: Iwisa



Axe vs. Macuahuitl: Macuahuitl! The longsword of it's days, the club/chainsaw is longer and sharper then the axes.

Tepoztopilli vs. Iklwa: Iklwa! This spear, while shorter, is much faster and brings armour shredding abilities. 

Atlatl vs. Assegai: Assegai! These spears are much longer and faster to throw then the atlatls.

Tematlatl vs. Iwisa: Tematlatl! The sling has longer range and can be reloaded.



An Aztec walks through the hot plains of Southern Africa. His fellow jaguars were taken out by a sneak attack of Zandes, but he was able to take out the last one because his primary close range weapon wasn't a knife.

A Zulu a few miles away runs barefoot over the hot ground. he had learned of the death of his leader Shaka. He was sent out to try and find the bloody barbarian who was responsible. 

Both the Aztec and Zulu came up to the opposite ends of a large mountain. The sun was shining bright and the heat was intense. The aztec had to slowly climb up a very grizzle based side, almost tripping on the steep rocks.

The zulu ran straight up a fairly smooth path. here was planning to rest here for a few moments and scout out the surrounding area. The aztec had similar means. As he creeped over the edge of the hill, he saw the Zulu running up the other side. He didn't know if it was another Zande, nor did he care. He loaded up a spear and launched it.

The Zulu was caught but surprise when he found an arrow impaled in his shield. he spied the Aztec and cried out. The Aztec quickly loaded a stone and started to rotate his sling. The rock missed the Zulu by a foot. The Zulu charged.

The Aztec began to reload his sling. The Zulu threw one of his small Assegais. The spear skinned the jaguar helmet of the distracted Aztec. The Aztec threw away his sling and charged with his hand spear. The Zulu threw his Iwsia, but the Aztec blocked it with his shield.

The Aztec and Zulu dueled back and forth. The Aztec thrusted his spear at the Zulus shield, which punctured the cowhide with ease. The Zulu countered by pulling his shield back, taking the Aztecs spear away. Weaponless, the Aztec ran back to grab his club.

As he stopped at the edge of the steep cliff to grab his arm, the Zulu threw his axe overhead. The Aztec lifted up his shield as he grabbed his club. The raw force knocked him straight back off the edge. He rolled down the very ruff cliffside. He was cut and scraped, and broke one or two ribs. He lost his shield about half the way down. He stopped about three quarters of the way down. His helment was falling off, so he removed it. His cotton vest was in rough shape, but still whole.

He was tired, beat up, and thirsty. the Zulu chuckled at the ease of what he did. He threw down his wasted shield and slowly descend the cliff, going to finish the Aztec off. The Aztec still had fight in him, but he needed to regroup. he grabbed his club and ran across the wide cliff to a small cave. 

The Zulu followed in. The cave was dark. As the Zulu walked through the dampness something fell on his neck. He turned and saw nothing. He rubbed the back of his neck. It was water. The cave seemed awfully hot to produce dew. The Zulu smelled the water just to make sure.

"Sweat?" the Zulu said.

The Aztec suddenly jumped out of nowhere and chopped at the Zulu. He miss judge his jump and barely scraped the arm of the Zulu. The Zulu returned with a thrust from his spear. The long head tore open the side of the cotton armour of the Aztec.

He stumbled back, reviewing his wound. The cotton was dead, but Azie was only scraped. the Zulu jumped in the air with his spear, crying "Zulu!" The Aztec side stepped and chopped down to where he was just standing. Both of Zue's arms came off with the migthy swing. He cried in pain as he fell on the ground.

The Zulu was down but not out. He tried to roll across the cave floor to the exit. The Aztec took aim and swung at the Zulus neck. He stopped just an inch away. He smiled and grinned like Vlad the Impaler did in a similar sution.


----------------------------- Later------------------------------------------

The Zulu, almost dead from his wounds, stared up at the starry sky. His throat was dry and his eye sight bloodily. he watch as the Aztec, who had trained as a priest, impaled his chest open with a knife. he couldn't feel the pain, but he felt the movement. Seconds later, he saw his own heart infront on him.

The Aztec was very pleased with his kill. He kicked the Zulu's body off the side of the cliff. he raised his heart to the gods. A ligthing bolt struck in the air, followed by thunder. Across the desert, a group of Zulus stood and stared.

"Ah Shit." one said. "What do the Native Amercains always win?"


Winner: Aztec!

Who/What/Where/How: The armour and range of the Aztec weapons gave him the win here. Odd. It seems all the warriors I do win because of armour and range. Perhaps it's a common trait.



Close Range(I am not re writing the names to all these again): The killer two sided club of death chopped the Zulu down to size 200. The Zulu's shield wasn't very effective to it.

Mid Range: This long slashing and stabbing spear piked out the Zulu 170 times.

Long Range: The throwing spears sniped out the Zulu 250 times. The cow hide shield was able to stop some of them, but a lot got through.

Specail: The best sling I ever seen skull capped Zue nearly 75 times.

Total: 695 kills



Close Range: The killer axe got 60 kills due to the fact of the Aztecs armour, helment, and shield.

Mid range: This monster spear/sword got over 210 kills from it's abilities to slash and stab quickly around the slower aztec spear. The shield also saved the Zulu's ass more than once.

Long Range: The fast but ranged throwing spears only got 30 kills due to the Aztec keeping him at range.

Specail: the throwing club got a lucky 5 kills. This was better for beating the aztec down so the Zulu could come in with his spear.

Total: 305