Round 2 Match 5: Attilla the Hun vs Roman Centurion

December 4, 2010

*Changed slightly because of multiple spelling errors that I couldn't live with.*

Rome's veteran frontline soldier is pitted against the expert horse archer who terrorized Europe!


Attilla the Hun:

Short Range- Sword of Mars

Mid Range- Lasso

Long Range- Hunnic Composite Bow

Special- Sythian Axe

Armor- Leather Lamellar

Tactics- Hit and Run


Short Range- Gladius

Mid Range- Pilum

Long Range- Scorpion

Special- Dolabra

Armor- Chainmail and Helmet, Large Curved rectangular Shield (Scutum)

Tactics- Shield Wall (Tetsudo Formation)


Short Range- Gladius vs Sword of Mars

Edge- Gladius

The Sword of Mars reminds me of a Spatha, which replaced the Gladius because of it's length. This would make it have the edge, if the Centurion wasn't using the Gladius from behind his giant shield. Attilla will have a seriously hard time making around the defenses of the Centurion, while the Gladius won't have any problem stabbing through leather, so the Centurion gets the Edge.

Mid Range- Lasso vs Pilum

Edge- Pilum

The lasso is a good weapon when used from horseback, but on foot it's nothing but a distraction technique. That's not to say it's completely ineffective, since it could possibly take the Centurions shield away, or even tie him up completely, giving Attila an easy kill. The Pilum, however, is a great weapon, I mean it's really quite amazing how much better a pilum is than a chakram but the reason it's going to be so useful against Attilla is because he has a small amount of armor. The leather is going to be like nothing when a Pilum is going through to transect Attilla's body, so it gets the Edge.

Long Range- Hunnic Composite Bow vs Scorpion

Hunnic Composite Bow

Whoa! A Siege Weapon doesn't get the Edge in a One on One fight? Crazy! The Scorpion really has no Advantages other than armor piercing abilities, since the composite bow has longer range, better accuracy, much more manuverability, and it's in the hands of someone extremely proficient with it. There's really no contest here, the bow gets the Edge.

Special Weapons- Sythian Axe vs Dolabra

Edge- Dolabra

So these are basically the same weapon. The Centurion has to drop his shield to use it, which makes him voulnerable, but not as voulnerable as Attilla always is anyways. The main reason it gets the edge though is because it's slightly longer, and it's got the back end for piercing armor, which the sythian axe lacks. So yeah, The bigger axe wins.

Armor- Scutum, Chainmail with Helmet vs Leather Lamellar

Edge- Centurion

Lamellar and chainmail are both great for blocking slashes, and not good for stabbing. The real difference here is in the Scutum, which covers the Centurions entire torso from most any damage. The most useful aspect of the Scutum against Attilla is the fact that it can block his arrows. If Attillas arrows can't hit the Centurion, they can't hurt him, and Attillas already at a huge disadvantage at short range precisely because of that shield. The Scutum gives the Centurion the Edge in armor.

Tactics- Hit and run vs Tetsudo

Edge- Neither

You can't do Tetsudo formation alone, and you can't hit and run very well without a horse, so both of these warriors are going to have to change up their normal tactics for this battle.


Attilla is riding his horse away from a battle. He was raiding a town when suddenly a bunch of barbarians came out of nowhere and decimated half his army. He looked back and saw that they were following him on their chariots. He had the horse speed up when suddenly he looked back and saw that he was about to ride off the edge of a cliff. He jumped off the horse, which fell off the cliff and broke it's legs on impact. Attilla slid towards the cliff and grabbed the edge of it. From there he decended the cliff, as the barbarians pelted him with rocks from above.

He got to the bottom and picked up his weapons from his dead horse. He then jogged towards the forest so the Barbarians and their chariots wouldnt be able to follow. When he got there he saw two men fighting. One was hiding under a large shield while the other was trying to stab him with a trident. Suddenly the man with the Trident fell backwards and the other man got up and stabbed him in the throat. Attilla decided to follow this man to wherever he was going.

The Centurion was pleased with killing the Gladiator. He looked around and found some demberries to rub on his hamstring, instantly healing it. He then walked over and checked the Pilum that landed in the Gladiators shield. It was bent, so he left it. He then picked up the rest of his equipment and walked to Rome, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched.

Attilla followed the man until he stopped to make a camp. He decided not to kill him until he made a fire, so he could use it himself. He saw the man take out an axe like his and use it to chop wood. The axe was larger though, and it had a pointed tip on one side.

By the time the Centurion had built a fire, Attilla was in a tree, waiting with his bow. The Centurion had captured a small animal and was cooking him now. The smell was really getting to Attilla, who hadn't eaten in days. He slowly removed an arrow and readied it. He then pulled back on the bowstring.

The Centurion heard a man following him since he had killed the Gladiator. The man was horrible at being stealthy, but he decided not to let him know that he knew where he was. He stopped to make up camp, figuring that it was what the man wanted him to do anyways. He stabbed a squirrell with his Pilum and began to slow roast it over the open fire. He heard the mans stomach grumbling above him and he knew he was in the tree. He then heard him drawing his bowstring.

Attilla let the arrow fly, but the Centurion dove right as he launched it. He then grabbed his second Pilum and threw it at Attilla, who fell out of the tree while trying to dodge it. The Centurion picked up his Scutum and his Gladius while Attilla took out the Sword of Mars, ready to stick that damn Centurion.

The Centurion stood behind his shield as he circled Attilla, who couldn't find a good opening. He then had an idea, and he charged at the Centurion. The Centurion began to push his shield into Attilla, but he jumped off of the shield. When the Centurion swung his gladius, Attilla rolled to the back of the Centurion, and cut his hamstring.

"Fuck you!!" The Centurion yelled as he used his shield to keep from falling. Attilla stabbed at the Centurions back, but the Centurion smashed his blade away with the Gladius. He then swung his shield around and hit Attilla in the shoulder, making him drop his sword. Attilla ran backwards to get some room as he swung up his lasso.

The Centurion stood still as Attilla threw the lasso at him. Attilla pulled the lasso when it was around the Centurions shield, but the Centurion overpowered Attilla and pulled back towards him. Attilla let go of the lasso and took out his axe, while he circled around the wounded Centurion.

Attilla charged again, and the Centurion tried to knock him down with his shield. However, Attilla jumped over the Centurions shield strike and smashed him in the head from behind. The Centurion quickly bashed Attilla to the ground with his shield, then kneeled behind his shield so he could recouperate from the dazing strike. Attilla saw an opportunity in his weakness and ran over to pull his shield away from him. When he did, the Centurion lunged at him and stabbed him in the heart with his Gladius. The Centurion roared in victory, and picked up Attilla's sword for further use, since he liked how long it was compared to his gladius.

Winner: Roman Centurion

Final Assessment

The Centurions shield helped him fend off many of Attilla's long range attempts, while his short range prowess ensured him the victory.

Final Results

Roman Centurion- 529 Kills

Gladius- 278 Kills

Pilum- 112 Kills

Scorpion- 5 Kills

Dolabra- 134 Kills

Best Weapon- The Centurions favorite weapon got over half his kills

Worst weapon- His seige weapon got 5 kills. A record from any siege weapon though.

Attilla the Hun- 471 Kills

Sword of Mars- 115 Kills

Lasso- 2 Kills

Composite Bow- 324 Kills

Sythian Axe- 30 Kills

Best Weapon- His best weapon by far was his bow, even when hindered by the shield, it was accurate enough to get plenty of kills.

Worst weapon- While his lasso only got two kills, his worst weapon was in fact his Axe, since the Lasso helped the Axe and sword get many of their kills.