Comic-Con 2010: Brad Pitt Signs on to Zombie Flick

by GTshane   July 22, 2010 at 3:51PM  |  Views: 250

It was only a matter of time until a zombie flick scored a true A-lister, and now it's finally happened as Brad Pitt has inked his name on the line to star in World War Z. Hit the jump to get the details.

MTV got the exclusive on this one, and it's reporting that Pitt will star in the silver screen adaptation of Max Brooks' book, World War Z. The movie takes place during a zombie apocalypse as humanity attempts to survive. Paramount also acquired the movie rights to two of his other works, The Zombie Survival Guide, and the graphic novel, The Zombie Survival Guide: Reported Attacks. The twist here is that the rights to World War Z were actually picked up by Pitt's production company, Plan B, back in 2007 when he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio's company for it. Marc Forster, the director behind Quantum of Solace, will also handle World War Z. That's the short of it. For much more details on the film, head on over to MTV.

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Source: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images