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T-Shirt Time!

by MariShapiro   June 17, 2010 at 11:01AM  |  Views: 457

Alex Shelley

The majority of the shirts I own are band t-shirts. I've worn band t-shirts since I was probably 10 or 11. I don't know what it is that draws me to wearing these more than anything else. I won't wear cartoon t-shirts, because I think that's kind of hokey, unless it's a really sweet, obscure work of art. I don't like any sports teams enough to wear that across my chest, except for the Tigers, but that's more so for nostalgia purposes and support for my hometown. I definitely don't wear any designer brands because that's just ridiculous. I'm not going to pay up the nose for some label. I do find it especially interesting that in Detroit and the majority of the Midwest in general, you don't see nearly as many Affliction and Ed Hardy shirts as one would in Florida, New York, and California. I guess angry, industrial midwest folk just don't want bejeweled skulls with roses going through the eye sockets.

Not only are the majority of my shirts band or music related, but they're all black. This one is an easy choice for me; black doesn't get dirty. I'm a boy, and boys sweat. In my case, profusely. Black shirts don't really show that. It doesn't show when I wipe dirt on them, it doesn't show when I spill drinks on them, and it doesn't show when BBQ sauce from Slow's gets on them - provided I clean it up ASAP.

Some of my favorite band shirts are really simple. There's a Mooney Suzuki shirt with a spider, a BRMC shirt with a skull, a Dirtbombs shirt with a vampire, and a badass Flaming Lips shirt with a comic strip illustrating outer space adventures, but that one's green. They fade and tear and get old, but I saw on Urban Outfitters that you can buy picture frames that host the beat up shirt. Those will go in my office one day when I actually have a house or condo, along with the mass amounts of gifts and presents I've collected from my tours of Japan. 

I say all this because our band The High Crusade just finished mastering our album. Artwork is almost done. Next? THC t-shirts. You should all buy one. -@Lx