The Top 10 Celebrities with Deformities

June 1, 2009

Celebrities are idolized for their talent and beauty. They are our Greek Gods and Goddesses and our real life superheroes. But like superheroes, they can have their fatal flaws.

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10. Kate Hudson’s and Halle Berry's Sixth Toe (tie)


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Kate Hudson and Halle Berry are two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, yet they have very strange feet. The two actresses have been photographed with what looks like a sixth toe. Now common sense says these ladies' mysterious “extra toe” is a bunion or a corn. However, it is not beyond the realms of science to have a sixth toe.

Polydactyly is a condition where humans are born with an extra finger or toe. The extra digit usually appears as a piece of soft tissue without any joints. An extra toe is most commonly located next to the little toe (which is where Ms. Hudson’s and Ms. Berry's supposed extra toe is situated). This toe is usually the result of a genetic mutation, and the condition is relatively rare, occurring one time in every 500 live births.

So it’s possible that these Hollywood ladies could have a sixth toe. But seriously, if you were famous and had a sixth toe you'd either tell the world or never wear flip-flops. Whatever’s going on down there,  these two beauties have some freaky feet.

You decide.


9. Tina Fey’s Scarred Face


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The reason Liz Lemon says on 30 Rock that she prefers the right side of her face, is because Tina Fey has an ever-so-faint, but large, scar on the left side of her face. The scar snakes its way from below Fey’s cheek bone to under her lower lip. The scar is usually concealed with make-up and, if you didn’t know it was there, you'd probably never notice it.

The scar is the result of a traumatic childhood slashing, which the actress does not like to discuss. In a 2001 interview with the New York Times, she was asked about the scar and replied, ''It's a childhood injury that was kind of grim. And it kind of bums my parents out for me to talk about it.''

In a 2008 interview with Vanity Fair, Fey’s husband Jeff Richmond briefly explained how Fey’s face was scarred. He told the magazine, “It was in, like, the front yard of her house, and somebody who just came up, and she just thought somebody marked her with a pen.” In the same interview, Fey refused to discuss it. She said, “It’s impossible to talk about it without somehow seemingly exploiting it and glorifying it.  She did go on to say that she was never self-conscious about the scar and it only became an issue when she started appearing on-camera.

8. Padma Lakshmi’s Seven-inch Scar


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Padma Lakshmi is probably best known for her sexy Carl's Jr. commercial, where she seduces a burger and licks BBQ sauce off her thigh. The former model and host of Top Chef describes herself as the “first Indian model to have a career in Paris, Milan, and New York” and the first one to admit to being a novelty. What makes Padma’s modeling career unique is a seven-inch, highly visible scar which runs down her arm between her elbow and shoulder.

The vicious scar was the result of a car crash Padma survived at age 14.

My right arm had been shattered and my right hip had been fractured. After surgery, I regained the use of both of them but was left with a long scar on my arm. It was half an inch wide and seven inches long. I wished I’d had a conversation with the doctor and asked him to cut on the underside of the arm instead, where the scar would have been hidden. Now it was too late. But my parents and I had been fortunate. We all survived.

Padma had modeled for the first time two months prior to the accident. After the accident she remembers how people viewed her as a “ruined beauty” that would never model again. Yet she overcome this stigma and went on to have a very successful career.

These days Padma appreciates her scar. She recently said in an interview, "I love it because it makes me a person who has an interesting past, and it reminds me that I can survive any pain."

7. Joaquin Phoenix’s Weird Scar Thingy


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The scar between Joaquin Phoenix’s lip and nose is obvious. It practically had second billing in Gladiator. It has long been thought that Joaquin was born with a cleft lip and the scar is the result of corrective surgery. This is not so. Rather, Joaquin was born with the scar. The scar developed while Joaquin was in his mother’s stomach. It is known as a microform cleft, a mild form of a cleft lip. A “microform cleft can appear as small as a little dent in the red part of the lip or look like a scar from the lip up to the nostril,” as in Joaquin’s case. About one in 600 American children are born with cleft lip or palate defect.

In the wildly distributed but un-sourced quote, Phoenix has reportedly said that the scar was an act of God. He has been quoted as saying that “while pregnant with him, his mother felt a sharp pain one day, and he was born with a mark on his lip.” While a microform cleft does develop during gestation, this story is as likely as Joaquin Phoenix becoming a hip hop star.

6. Seal’s Pockmarked Face


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The scars that mark Nigerian born singer Seal have long been rumored to be the result of a tribal scarification rite. This is not the case. The extreme scarring on Seal’s face and scalp are the result of a skin condition known as discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE). Seal has revealed that he suffered from the condition as a teenager.

According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, the exact cause of the disease is unknown. It is “thought to be autoimmune with the body's immune system incorrectly attacking normal skin.” The disease usually affects young people and is three times more common in females than males. It is also genetic.

Red lesions appear on the skin and scalp. These lesions can be treated with cortisone ointment. People who suffer this aliment are told to be careful of exposure to UV light. When the lesion occurs in hairy areas, such as the beard or scalp, permanent scarring and hair loss can occur, as in Seal’s case.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Seal revealed how the disease affected his self-worth and how he came to appreciate them. He told the magazine, "I got really depressed about [the scars] at first, as you can understand. Now I really like them.” Seal likes his facial scars to the point where he believes, "If I could design something, I don’t think I could do it better."

5. Lily Allen’s Third Nipple


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Some might say that Lily Allen’s third nipple is more famous than Lily Allen. The British pop star had been a loud, proud advocate of the triple nipple ever since she admitted to having one and flashed it on British television in 2007. Since then the delightfully trashy singer has let a Dutch television host touch it and pulled it out during radio interviews while promoting her latest album across the world.

A third nipple, known as a supernumerary nipple, is relatively common in mammals. Scientists believe one in 18 humans have an extra nipple, which can look like a freckle or a mole. The additional nipple usually appears “along the two vertical "milk lines", which start in the armpit on each side, run down through the typical nipples and end at the groin.” The nipple can range in size and are grouped into eight levels of completeness. Scientists are studying the formation of third nipples in the hope of using the information to find a cure for breast cancer.

Other celebrities who admit to having a third nipple include Carrie Underwood and Mark Wahlberg. Underwood had the nipple, which she thought was a mole, removed before entering American Idol. Mark Wahlberg considered having his extra nipple removed, but came to appreciate it. He told Rolling Stone, “I've come to embrace it. That thing's my prized possession."

4. Gemma Aterton’s 12 Fingers


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Recent Bond Girl Gemma Arterton was born with an extra finger on each hand. The 23-year-old British beauty has what is known as polydactyly, a condition where humans are born with more than five fingers per hand. The condition is relatively rare and affects one in 500 live births.

Gemma’s extra digits did not contain a bone and were located next to her little finger. The extra fingers were removed when she was born. The doctor who delivered her “tied off the extra fingers with sutures and they fell off, leaving just small scars.”

Polydactyly runs in Gemma’s family. Both her father and grandfather were born with an extra digit. The actress is proud of her deformity, saying, “It's my little oddity that I'm really proud of. People are really interested but repulsed at the same time.”

3. Ashton Kutcher's Duck Like Toes


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Not only does Ashton Kutcher have webbed toes, he recently showed them off on a British television show. The Twitter addict pulled off his socks and shoes on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. He told the host, “I have slightly webbed toes. When everything else is this good-looking, something has to give!” Can you believe he actually said that?

The medical term for Ashton’s strange webbed toes is syndactyly of the feet. This is characterized by the fusing together of two or more toes. The condition is rare and occurs in approximately one in every 2,000 – 2,500 live births. As in Kutcher’s case, it most commonly affects the second and third toes.

Syndactyly of the feet can exist in various levels. Toes can be totally fused together or only partially fused, as in Kutcher’s case. The condition is purely cosmetic. It does not alter the way a human moves, nor does it make the person a fast swimmer. The toes can be separated through surgery, however there is no medical need to do so.

2. Karolina Kurkova's Missing Belly Button


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Karolina Kurkova is one of the world’s most beautiful women. The supermodel is a Victoria’s Secret Angel, an in-demand runway model and was recently named E! Entertainment’s World's Sexiest Woman. She is perfect in every way, except she is missing a belly button. Her navel simply does not exist.

According to her people, Karolina’s absent navel is the result of a childhood surgery gone wrong. Her reps told The New York Daily News, "She had an operation when she was an infant. It’s a fact and just thank God she's healthy."

Doctors believe the Karolina suffered from an umbilica hernia, a fairly common condition in infants.  An umbilical hernia occurs when “part of the intestine protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles.” The result can look like an over sized “outie.” The condition usually heals with time. However, if they have not disappeared by age four, surgery is required.

Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, says, “It does look like [she may have had] an umbilical hernia as a child that was either fixed or not fixed, which can distort the belly button. It's not accurate to say that someone just does not have a belly button."

Whenever Karolina models lingerie or swimsuits for magazine shots, a digital navel is added.

1. Megan Fox's Freaky Clubbed Thumbs


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Megan Fox may be freakin’ hot, but she’s also a little bit freaky. If you take a close look at Fox’s thumbs you’ll notice they are short, stubby, and bulbous. It’s as if she has little baby mini-thumbs.

Fox has been diagnosed with clubbed thumbs. This condition is known by its scientific term Brachydactyly type D, which is Greek for “short finger.” It is a genetic condition where the bone at the end of the thumb grows shorter in comparison to the rest of the fingers. A clubbed thumb is shorter, with a bulbous tip and a nail which is very wide and short. The trait is fairly common and affects approximately one million Americans.


Megan Fox may be beautiful, but we all have our faults.