Katherine Heigl's Bikini is Just What the Doctor Ordered

June 24, 2008


Katherine Heigl has had a big year. She stars in a hit TV show; she’s won an Emmy, starred in two hit movies and found the time to get married. She’s surely on cloud nine. However, the backlash might have begun after Katherine snubbed the Emmy people and asked that she not be considered for a nomination, blaming the writers for giving her Grey’s Anatomy character bad story lines.  To escape the heat, Katherine ran off to the beaches of Mexico. Lucky for us she packed some bikinis.

Which bikini does Katherine look hottest in?

Bikini #1


This bikini is shiny and metallic and entrances me. I just can’t stop starring. It's like the time I saw her eating lunch in LA and the paparazzi were around and everyone was in a trance.

Bikini #2


I like Katherine Heigl. She seems super nice and super fun and she’s definitely super sexy. I like this picture because I like to think she’s inviting me to go for a romp in her pool.

Bikini #3


Katherine is taking a break by the pool and looks super fit. She once told Barbara Walters that she is “quite boring”. I find this very hard to believe.

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