Cradle of Filth Get Assaulted On Stage with Candy, End Show

August 20, 2009

Cradle of Filth were forced to abruptly end their headlining gig at the UK metal fest Bloodstock this past weekend because fans were throwing candy at them. This sounds like a joke, but it is unfortunately not.

Cradle of Filth almost got through their entire set until large Everlasting Gobstoppers the size of apples starting flying across the stage at them. Guitarist Paul Allender was then struck in the spine and the band called off the set.

The band issued a full statement on their website after the incident:

…this person threw what were being sold at the site as ‘gobstoppers’, but which were actually heavy, solid, pieces of candy, approximately the size of a cricket ball and weighing close to a pound, at the band. Approximately six of these were thrown, one narrowly missed hitting Ashley in the face and also a terminally ill young fan in a wheelchair sitting side of the stage, a couple just missed Dani and then one hit Paul in the spine, causing him to collapse.

Frontman Dani Filth also added that he “actually thought one of the balls thrown was an apple" and that “the missiles were the size of cricket balls but solid and almost a pound in weight.” Dani even said that they were heavy “enough to kill a person at that speed.” Paul Allender was hospitalized for suspicion of possible spinal cord injury, but he was later released after doctors cleared him of lasting injuries.

What has happened to metal?! I thought these guys were supposed to drink pig’s blood and sacrifice virgins. WTF?!

Source: Scott Harrison/Getty Images