The Top 5 Super Bowl Movie Trailers

February 2, 2009

We saw a lot of great trailers for the first time yesterday, but some of them rose above the rest of the pack in their awesomeness. These five diamonds in the rough gave us reason to look forward to the rest of the year and the blockbusters that are to come. So whether your thing is spaceships or giant fighting robots, there's something for everyone in here.


5. G.I. Joe G.I. Joe might just turn out to be a pretty dang cool movie yet. Everyone who grew up in the '80s will be gathering up their collection of G.I. Joe figurines and preparing for the coolness that will be the live action feature.


4. Year One Year One, starring Jack Black and Michael Cera, actually looks like it will be really funny. Whoever came up with the idea for Cera to play a village farmer turned warrior will likely be rewarded with mountains of cash when this film hits the theaters.


3. Star Trek The Star Trek reboot is likely to make anyone who didn't love the series already big fans, or at least fans of J.J. Abrams's take on the franchise. Check your nerdiness at the door, this trailer is all fast-paced action and extremely cool special effects.


2. Up Pixar's newest animated feature is all about balloons and flying houses, and we like it very much. Is it possible for Pixar to make a bad movie? Doesn't look like it from the looks of this new trailer for Up.


1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen We got our first sneak peek at Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen summer blockbuster, and the director has promised we'll get the full length version in a week. Until then, get your robot fix with this tasty little bit of transforming goodness.