Apple Unveils the Golden iPhone and the World’s First 64-Bit Smartphone Processor

September 12, 2013
Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Naturally, the iPhone 5S comes with a slightly heftier price tag: $199 at 16 GB, $299 at 32 GB, and $399 at 64 GB with the requisite two-year contract. The iPhone 4S, in the meantime, will now only be offered at 8GB, for free, with a new two-year agreement. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5C and 5S begin on September 13th, with the phones hitting shelves on the 20th.

Apple also announced the release of iOS 7 on September 18th for the iPhone (from 4 onward), the iPad (2 onward), the iPad Mini, and the iPod Touch (5 onward). One of the new features shown at the presentation was AirDrop, which will allow consumers to share media over P2P wi-fi with other nearby Apple users. Also making its debut with iOS 7: iTunes Radio, Apple's answer to Pandora complete with personalized stations.

Of course, the presentation was as much about extoling the virtues and successes of Apple as it was about unveiling new products. A litany of charts and graphs propounded Apple's continued dominance of the mobile market. It was noted several times, bordering ad nauseum, that Apple would ship its 700th iOS device by the end of the calendar month. While it may seem boisterous, it could also be seen as pragmatically necessary as competitors like Samsung continue to carve out larger chunks of the market, particularly overseas.

Apple opted not to live stream the event as it had with other recent keynotes, but it still treated it like a rock concert for techies. It even closed with Elvis Costello performing "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding" underneath the company's grey minimalistic logo. One has to wonder if it was a simple celebrity endorsement or a statement to its competitors that, like Costello, they weren't going anywhere anytime soon.