Humanity is Safe from Being Enslaved By These Stupid Robots at the Bacarobo Championship

August 25, 2011

Movies, books and even actual science have raised concerns about the possibility of man-made machines getting too smart for their own good and turning on their masters. If you're one of the few members of humanity who believes The Matrix trilogy was a documentary, this should put your mind at ease.

The Bacarobo Stupid Robot Championship, scheduled to start on October 30 in Budapest, aims to find the most useless robot to not only amuse humanity, but to ensure that our wire-headed friends don't rise up against us and overtake humanity their pre-programmed cuteness.

The contest is fairly young, starting in Japan in 2007 where it earned its name ("Baca" is Japanese for "stupid" and "robo" means, well, if you can't figure it out, maybe you need to enter yourself). The contest aims to gather a group of 10 finalist entries who compete for the stupid title by showcasing autonomous mechanical beings that serve no useful purpose except to make their users laugh. Past entries have included a pair of shivering fridgebots, a hula hoop spinning head, and a wormbot that "gets tired."

Photo: Kitchen Budapest