College Football's Controversial "Please Don't Hit and Choke Your Players" Policy Strikes Again

January 8, 2010

Some people think that a grown man grabbing a college athlete by the neck while striking him repeatedly is a nice way to show that fumbling the football can hurt the team… Others disagree.

Specifically, the folks at the University of South Florida – who fired head coach Jim Leavitt today for "inappropriately grabbing the throat and slapping the face of a student athlete.”

Even after telling the lead investigator that he should “choose his words wisely” because Leavitt was “the most powerful man in the building,” he was still reprimanded. (Which is weird, because I routinely give that speech at Burger King when they screw up my order and it usually works.)

The dismissal will cost the coach over $8 million in salary and essentially make him the martyr of a cause that has amassed a surprisingly limited amount of support.

Source: Taxi/Getty Images