Dying Gamer Writes His Killer's Name in Own Blood. Seriously.

May 6, 2009

In a series of events both simpler and more real than The Da Vinci Code, a German gamer left a very obvious clue as to his assailant’s identity at the scene of the crime. 

Matthew Pyke and his gamer girlfriend, Joanna Witton, met another player named David Heiss on a forum for one of their favorite online games, the adorable strategy Nintendo DS game Advance Wars.  

Pyke and Witton had a relationship and social life that was largely centered on gaming, so they were on the forums a lot.  Heiss obviously was on the forums a lot, too, but didn’t have the good luck that Pyke did with getting himself a gamer girlfriend.  It wasn’t long before he became obsessed with Witton. 

Things got creepy.  He began to harass her, and she began to ignore him.  He visited twice unannounced and refused to stay in hotels.  Soon, both Pyke and Witton blocked the increasingly-obsessive Heiss from their instant messaging lists and forums.  That’s when things got truly out of hand. 

Heiss claims he visited the couple in order to simply rough up Pyke.  He said, "I thought that once he (Pyke) stepped outside I would give him a beating. It wasn't my intention to put him in hospital, it wasn't my intention to break any bones."

As they were fighting, Heiss says he felt something in his knee.  When he looked down he saw a knife.  He was so terrified, he said, that he stabbed Pyke without thinking. 

The jury is still out, but it seems unlikely that Heiss will get off since he stabbed Pyke a stomach-churning 86 times.  After which, Pyke somehow made it to his computer and wrote “HEI” on the side of the tower in his own blood. 

Source: Simon Winnall/Image Bank/Getty Images