Mantenna - Wednesday, May 27

May 20, 2009

Demi Moore is toothless, Brooke Hogan unveils the worst album cover of all time, and Elvis Presley's pills are up for's the Mantenna!

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Demi Moore is Toothless

Demi Moore recently went to the dentist and decided that the dentist’s chair was the perfect place for a photo shoot. The 46-year-old actress and Twitter addict decided to take some photos proudly showing off her missing front tooth. She uploaded the photos to Twitter with the accompanying post, “Happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility!!! Or at least be able to laugh at myself!” Yikes, did we really need to see that? [Socialite Life]

Man Sues Guinness Book of Records over Suing Record

A man who holds the record for suing the most people in the world is suing the Guinness Book of Records. He is hoping to stop the book from naming him the world's most litigious man in their 2010 edition. Jonathan Lee Riches said in court documents that, “The Guinness Book of World Records have no right to publish my work, my legal masterpieces.” Riches is thought to have filed over 4,000 lawsuits. Some past targets include George W. Bush, Che Guevara, Perez Hilton, the Eiffel Tower, Britney Spears, Adolf Hitler's Nazi party, Google, the Roman Empire, The Queen, the Magna Carta, the Wu-Tang Clan, Plato, Emilio Estevez, and Nordic Gods. Riches is currently serving time in a Kentucky jail for wire fraud.

Jonah Hill Behind 21 Jump Street

Jonah Hill is apparently the brains behind the 21 Jump Street movie, as he’s set to write and executive produce it. Hill said, “We're not even spoofing the movie. It's not strictly comedic, either. We're doing a full-on action movie, blowing shit up.” It’s hard to imagine how exactly he envisions a movie of the TV show, but he describes it as, “…an R-rated, insane, Bad-Boys-meets-John Hughes-type movie.” So, basically, the worst of both worlds. We’ll just have to see if Hill has what it takes to do anything other than star in a Judd Apatow-produced film. [First Showing]

Brooke Hogan Unveils the Worst Album Cover of All Time


Source: Brooke's World

Brooke Hogan recently revealed her possible new album cover on her official website and it’s got the internet going bananas. The airbrushed cover for her upcoming Redemption LP might be one of the worst things we’ve ever seen. It looks like it was made by a 2-year-old kid. Hulk really needs to lay the smackdown on his lil’ baby girl. [The Superficial]

Elvis' Pills Are Up For Auction

Rare items of showbiz memorabilia including Elvis Presley's pill bottles, Marilyn Monroe's mirror, and a store card belonging to Marlon Brando are to be auctioned off in Las Vegas. Also up for auction is a cache of Elvis' belongings he gave as gifts to his personal physician George Nichopoulos, also known as Dr. Nick. These include jewelry, books, guns, and bottles of The King's prescription drugs, including sedative Benadryl and vitamin replacement pills Vicon-C, priced at $800 each. The auction is due to take place at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas in June 9th. [Contact Music]

RC Helicopter Cell Phone Smuggling Ring Busted

What do you do when your cellphone-smuggling carrier pigeons get caught on their way to the big house? Why, you go higher tech, of course. Those texting-crazed Brazlian ultra-max prisoners hatched a new plot to fly a radio controlled helicopter up over the wall of a prison, dropping diaper-swaddled handsets into the awaiting hands of criminal non-masterminds on the inside. Unfortunately for them, police foiled the plan when they pulled over the accomplices on the outside, confiscating the chopper, a suite of phones, and arresting the four who were paid just $5,000 to get the plan airborne. Our suggestion for their next attempt? Jetpacks. [BBC]

Porsche Nearly Went Bankrupty in March

As many pundits will tell you, the reason the American automotive industry is in the tank is because apparently America makes crappy cars. Well it shouldn't surprise them to know that Porsche is in worse shape than any American car maker, since, as we all know, Porsche makes really crappy cars. German magazine Der Spiegel is reporting that times are so tight at Porsche that it actually skirted bankruptcy for three days in March. The German automaker received a 700 million euro loan ($978 million USD) from VW to stay out of trouble, but needs another 2.5 billion euros (nearly $3.5B USD) to stay in business. Porsche has tried to tap the German government to receive more loans to pare down the enormous debt it had incurred in attempting to buy VW. In fact, Porsche, which sells fewer than 100,000 vehicles per year, has accrued an astonishing 9 billion euros worth of debt (around $12.6B USD). That's 50% more debt than Chrysler. Apparently, we still have much to learn about debt from our foreign competitors. [The Local]

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