Spore Creature Generator Demo

June 18, 2008


I love playing god (duh) and one of the best ways to play god coming down the pike is Spore.  And now, Maxxis has realased a trial version of the creature creator for said game! If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of digital omnipotence, Spore is sort of like a Sims game but you’re a creature of your own design instead of a boring, blocky humanoid.Then again!  If you wanted to be human and bipedal (you’re so pedestrian) you could be.  You could also be dodecapedal.  You can have 4 eyes if you like.  Throw on a giant spiky tail for good measure.  It can’t hurt (you), right?

With your Franken-creature, you will navigate (when the full version is realeased) the entire universe.  You’ll evolve from a single celled organism to a complex whatever-you-wanna-be.  It’s kind of like the American dream with a heavy dose of mutagenesis.