Paris Hilton's Need for Lip Balm Results in Drug Arrest

August 30, 2010

Paris Hilton has had her second run-in with the law over possible drug possession this summer, but as usual she has an excuse.

Paris Hilton was stopped on the Vegas strip this weekend after police officers reportedly smelled marijuana fumes emanating from the vehicle she was riding in. Once she was stopped police discovered Paris had less than a gram of cocaine in her possession. According to reports, a small plastic “bindle” carrying 0.8 grams of cocaine fell out of the celebutante’s handbag as she reached for a tube of lip balm. Yep, lip balm got her busted.

The heiress quickly denied that the cocaine was hers and claimed that the handbag belonged to someone else. Really, she's using the “wasn’t me” excuse. According to Las Vegas police Lt. Dennis Flynn, “She [Hilton] told me the purse was not hers, that she had borrowed it from a friend.” Hilton’s boyfriend, Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, was also arrested and charged with failing a sobriety test.

This is Hilton’s second run-in with the law over drugs this summer. The reality television star was arrested in South Africa for smoking pot during the soccer World Cup. Those charges were later dropped.

Hilton is facing a low-level felony drug charge and if convicted could face up to four years in jail. This, however, is unlikely. The heiress is expected to receive probation.

Photo: Handout/Getty Images