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Comic-Con 2011: New Teaser Poster for Avengers Reveals the Long Awaited Giant "A"

by DannyGallagher   July 21, 2011 at 6:00PM  |  Views: 1,387
If you've been waiting and hoping and praying that you'd finally get to see the font that will be used on the poster for the new Avengers movie, you can get off your knees now.

The teaser poster for the epic comic book movie extravaganza hit the floor of Comic-Con today and even though it just features a giant "A" to announce the tentative release date, it's still got the comic book geekdom practically orgasming with ink-stained goodness (try not to think of that last part too much).

Marvel has also unleashed their equally simple website for the forthcoming comic book movie. Neither the website nor the poster reveal what the characters will look like when they team up for their big screen adventure next summer or really anything other than the fact that the movie's title starts with the letter "A." All of this is just part and parcel of building the never-ending momentum and hype for this epic action movie team-up.

Source: Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images & Marvel