Shaolin Monk vs Zande

December 23, 2010

Shaolin Monk

Emei Piercers.

Twin Hooks.

Fire & Wind Wheels.

Whip Chain.


Makraka Knife.

Makrigga Spear.


Botto & Pima.


Emei vs Makraka. Edge = Emei.

Even though the Makraka is longer, the Monk's agility and versatility can get him out of the way, and he can distract with the motion of his Emeis and then kill.

Hooks vs Makrigga. Edge = Hooks.

The Hooks are faster, deadlier, can slash, can stab, and can be linked together to get longer range, which can chop up the Zande before he can get close enough to stab.

Wheels vs Kpinga. Edge = Even.

Both are about the same sort of weapon, along with both can be able to be used in close range also.

Chain vs Botto & Pima. Edge = Botto & Pima.

You have to get in closer ranges to kill with the whip chain, but with the botto, you can shoot poisonous arrows from longer ranges, killing first.


A Shaolin Monk is sitting on top of a large boulder, meditating. After reaching nirvana, complete peace, he is interrupted by the chant, "Nyium, nyium!" He opens his eyes to a crazy African climbing his boulder, about to swipe at him with a large, scythe-like, knife weapon. With a swing at his neck, the Shaolin Monk flips backwards, and grabs one of his hooks to battle the blade.

The two blades lock together, but the Monk flipped his blade around, dropping the makraka. He tried to slash at the Zande's head, but he lifted his long shield up to protect, taking a large crack in the middle of it. The Monk took away the shield, uncovering the Zande holding his makrigga. He stabbed into the Monk's shoulder, and he fell back, dropping his hook.

The Monk rolled away, and he grabbed one of his wheels. He threw it, but it swirled around the spear. He threw it down, and then threw his kpinga. It gashed the Monk's arm, but he lifted up his whip chain. He spun around the spear, and was able to take it away. The Zande was left with only his botto. He shot a pima into the Monk's shoulder, but he took it out, the poison not touching the right place.

As another pima came, the Monk was fast enough to whip it out of the air. He ran up and the chain wrapped around the botto, and took it away. He took out his emeis, and started to distract the Zande. He then had one in his neck, and the other in his eye. He fell down dead, and the Monk bowed over the dead man.

Shaolin Monk: 689.

Emeis: 28.

Hooks: 585.

Wheels: 62.

Chain: 14.

Zande: 311.

Makraka: 47.

Makrigga: 179.

Kpinga: 78.

Botto & Pima: 7.