Rock Band Stage Show with Fog and Lights

October 14, 2008

Performance Designed Products has unveiled an add-on for the increasing catalogue of Rock Band songs and instruments: a stage show kit including a fog machine and light show generator. It automatically fires in time with whatever song you're playing so you're free to rock the hell out.  I wonder how big of a pyrotechnic show I can set off in my studio apartment. I also wonder when Rock Band groupie add-ons are coming.

Sadly, for the Wii-faithful, the kit is only compatble with the Xbox 360.  The kit will cost about $100 and will be available at the end of October, right before Halloween, in case you want to dress up as Motley Crue (which I do) and play Rock Band in a haze of colored smoke (which I will) before you go trick or treating for beers (which totally works).