Animals at Smithsonian Zoo Have Awesome Earthquake-Predicting Superpowers

August 24, 2011

Tuesday's earthquake that rattled most of the northeast caught a lot of people off guard, but the animals in Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian National Zoo could tell it was coming because they have superhuman powers to feel earthquakes before they happen. It's a good thing they're in cages or they'd take over all of humanity.

National Public Radio reports that Tuesday's 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt by most of the animals in the zoo just moments before it shook up and down much of the coast.

Zookeepers said the animals responded to the quake about 15 minutes before it struck by jumping into trees, "vocalizing" loudly, and huddling together in groups. Some of the apes abandoned their meals and climbed to the tops of the trees in their enclosure to escape the pending quake.

You can read their entire list of strange behavior at the Smithsonian Zoo's website.

Photo: Gerry Ellis/Minden Pictures/Getty Images