Extra Point with Bill Bates

by spike.com   June 29, 2009 at 3:10PM  |  Views: 149

In last week's episode, we found out that all of the players have the desire and heart to play in the NFL. No one would give up their jersey! The question is, who has the ability to not only go to training camp, but actually make the team? A number of factors will decide, and timing is everything. We know the Cowboys need DBs and Receivers...so our guy should have a great chance!

As everyone has seen, the camp has been grueling on the players and taking the time to go out on the town was fun. Hat Tricks is a great place to have fun and hear some wonderful music.

From here to the end of the show, the players making the fewest mistakes will stay. Also, they will have to be playmakers. In tonight's episode, we have thrown the players a big curveball. Jerry Rice and the 49ers are coming to the Cotton Bowl! Who are the 49ers? You must watch to find out.

Let's see who makes the plays tonight!

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