New 1Gbps Fiber-Optic Connection 200x Faster Than Yours

September 29, 2008

Japanese ISP KDDI is releasing a new type of broadband connection that is pretty AND fast.  It’s like Danica Patrick in that way.  However, unlike Danica Patrick, you can use it to fill your computer with heaps of pirated media.  At least I'm pretty sure Miss Patrick won't help you.    

Japan Today says:

The new service will target people living in single-family homes and low-rise apartment buildings. The traffic speeds will be the fastest in eastern Japan, up drastically from the current 100 megabits per second.

Makes sense, because I know most single family homes I know require the kind of connection speed you’d need to run a small digital television company.  But, then again, I live in L.A.

Link via Gizmodo